… about Diane

I like that this class used real life examples in discussion and exercises.  It is very practical.  I’ll need practice, but I feel better about handling “sticky” situations.

–Barbara Robinson


…Diane has facilitated my practice group in a way that allows me to listen to myself and others empathetically and impartially.  I have experienced deep and loving heart-connection when feelings and needs are honestly expressed.  She has created an atmosphere of trust and guidance each time we are together in this way.

–Adele Glaser


…Diane has a confident and relaxed style in her presentations and the manner in which she conducts her classes and practice sessions…  I have encouraged my friends to take her classes and they have always given positive feedback to me after completion…

–Mary Ellen Underwood, Santa Fe, NM


…I have appreciated Diane’s modelling of the process, but more importantly, her ability to consistently come from the heart.  This has met my need for safety, acceptance, and compassion.

–Judy Jaquez, School Food Service Director, Santa Fe, NM


…I found myself in a difficult situation when confronted by a stranger who clearly over-reacted to a parking incident.  I applied what I learned from the NVC process and was able to successfully defuse the situation.

–Beth Schaeffer, Dayton, Ohio


…After years of working with and teaching conflict transformation skills and effective, caring communication, NVC brought something new and significant to the process.  I recommend the NVC process to all who want to communicate with empathy and positive connection.  Diane is an articulate teacher who creates a comfortable, safe atmosphere for working on new skills.

–Janet Futrell, teacher & community organizer, Miamisburg, Ohio


…NVC changes the way I communicate.  Challenging to put into practice but worth the effort.

–Beth van Haaren, Tipp City, Ohio, Township Trustee


..I highly recommend Diane’s classes.  I learned a lot about Compassionate Communication and she gives you  the opportunity to practice.  I’m having her lead a session with my members!

–Lisa McGurk, Dayton Site Director–Notre Dame Americorp, Dayton, Ohio


…Your passion as well as knowledge and personal experiences keep the class interesting and inviting.

–Alphonso Spence, Business Consultant & Professor, Centerville, Ohio


…Class would/could be helpful for any “helping” profession, but also any human relationship or interaction.  (It provided) opportunities to practice in non-threatening, accepting environment.  Already after only six weeks, I’ve been able to actually use what I’ve learned.

–Donna Moore, Dayton, Ohio


…Interesting idease and useful techniques presented by a clearly enthusiastic teacher.

–Martha Moody, novelist & volunteer, Dayton, Ohio


…This class helped me gently but clearly move into a joyful way of communicating.  It helped me practice/experience the challenge–and then the liberation– of 1) understanding myself, 2) sharing myself with others and 3) understanding others more fully.

–Audrey, Yellow Springs, Ohio


..(This class)  has made me a better person.  I will use it for work and my personal relationships.

–Lorraine Landeros


…This class has given me the tools to find a deeper happiness through connection with my own feelings and needs; thus to be more connected with the feelings and needs of the people in my life.

–participant, Fairborn, Ohio


…Compassionate Communication helped me become aware of how I communicate with myself and others.  It also helped me better express my needs and try to understand the needs of those communicating with me.

–Terry Graham, Science Educator, Yellow Springs, Ohio


…Compassionate communication study and learning is commonly a missed opportunity.  Diane has given us that opportunity to meet a societal need.

–Ralph Dull, co-founder Dayton International Peace Museum, Dayton, Ohio


…This class opened up my perspective about what is true compassion.  I learned how to be genuinely compassionate to others and myself.

–Alana Takacs, mediator, Dayton, Ohio


…Diane Diller does a great job opening up a new and exciting world view through the use of empathy and non-violent language.  She has made me think about how I can create compassion in my daily dealings with others and myself.

–Barbara Gerla, retired attorney, Dayton, Ohio


…I’m in my seventh decade now.  While I wish I had experienced NVC much earlier in my life, I will never look at communication again in the same way.  It is never too late to learn this as long as you are still breathing!  My gratitude for being the teacher I needed with your passion for NVC and sharing your vulnerability honestly and (with) humor.

–JSW, retired, Santa Fe, New Mexico


…I would recommend Diane’s class to anyone who aspired to communicate and live with passion and authenticity.

–Julia M., Santa Fe, New Mexico