I’m excited that there are more and more resources globally to learn and practice Nonviolent Communication©.  Here are some of my favorites:


The NVC “textbook”–Nonviolent Communication–A Language of Life, by Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD; 3rd edition, Puddledancer Press.

I use this as the NVC “textbook”.  Many other books and materials by Marshall and by a host of trainers are also available from The Center for Nonviolent Communication (see below), or elsewhere..


The Center for Nonviolent Communication

This is the global NVC organization, founded by Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD, who developed Nonviolent Communication©.  This website offers information on NVC community, resources, and certified trainers, and trainings.


NVC World

The most extensive source for Nonviolent Communication© resources on the web.


The Dayton Communicate with Compassion Meetup Group

I post all my trainings and groups on this site.  If you join (which is free), you’ll be notified as new ones are scheduled.


Compassionate Communication Center of Ohio

This Columbus, Ohio-based organization offers many classes, workshops, and retreats in central Ohio and beyond.

www.nvcohio. org



Based in Oakland, California, this organization offers numerous trainings and programs, some outside the Bay area.  They have a free online newsletter and videos of role plays.  This website has a wealth of information about NVC.


Compassionate Leadership

Free monthly practice call via teleconference line.


The New York Center for Nonviolent Communication

Offers numerous programs and training.


NVC Academy

NVC courses and multi-media resources online.


Also:  Google “Nonviolent Communication”– there are more resources online than I can even keep up with!  YouTube also has a wealth of NVC videos.