Diane Diller


It is my joy to meet with people who want to understand each other better and to facilitate that process.  I also help people who want more harmonious interactions at home, at work, or anywhere in their lives.  I do this by showing them ways to communicate that help build understanding and goodwill– and still get their message across.

Perhaps the most transformative way to use NVC is with oneself.  I’ve found that being more aware of what’s going on in me, listening to my deepest hopes and fears, and giving myself the support and understanding I long for, helps me show up in the world with more confidence and clarity.  When I give myself time to listen to me, I’m more centered, grounded, peaceful– and patient– both with others and with myself.

I have been learning and practicing Compassionate Communication since 2004 and sharing it with others in classes and workshops since 2009.  I am a  certified NVC Trainer with the global Center for Nonviolent Communication, www.cnvc.org.

My first exposure to NVC was witnessing it used in a situation of intense conflict and pain involving the entire congregation of my church in 2004.  I was awed as the interim minister, The Rev. Mary Lou Palmer, facilitated congregants to fully speak what was in their hearts, with the result that people deeply heard each other and came together instead of becoming further polarized.  She did  this without suggesting they change their perspectives or put aside their differences.

Initially drawn to learn this approach in order to build skills in navigating conflict, I have been immeasurably enriched in many other ways as well, including being more able to:

  • Express myself authentically and honestly– and in a way that is less likely to stimulate defensiveness in others.  This includes having more comfort in saying “No” and in asking for what I want.
  • Hear others without becoming defensive myself!
  • Stay open-hearted, understanding, and patient with myself and others.
  • Work out win-win solutions when there are differences with others.
  • Connect with others and what’s going on for them, and myself, in a deeper, more satisfying way.
  • Live my values of respect, consideration, and caring about everyone’s well-being (including my own) in my everyday interactions


Trainings and Education include:

Workshops with Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD. and NVC Certified Trainers including Robert Gonzales, Jorge Rubio, Jack Lehman, Gina Cenciose, and  Jeff Brown.

Compassionate Leadership– 9-month immersion program– 2009:  With Jim & Jori Manske, Rodger Sorrow, Kathi Aichner

North American Leadership Program (BayNVC)– year-long immersion program–2011:  With Roxy Manning, Francois Beausoleil, Kit Miller, Jorge Rubio,and Arnina Kashtan

Nonviolent Communication–Mediation Intensive–2012:  With John Kinyon and Ike Lasiter

I practice weekly with others who are practicing and teaching NVC.

B.A., Sociology

Certified NVC Trainer with the global Center for Nonviolent Communication


What I offer:

  • Introductory Sessions
  • Classes & Workshops
  • Practice Groups
  • Individual Sessions
  • Dialogue Facilitation


Flexible fees

Please contact me if you’d like to explore how I might support you.